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What is the I GOT U® Wristband Campaign?

More than just an accessory - it's a symbol of unity, support, and compassion. When you wear it, you show that you value others and that you, too, are valued.

Why do I need two I GOT U® Wristbands?

Here's how it works: Wear one wristband proudly as a reminder of your dedication to kindness. Let it inspire others to join in caring for each other.The second wristband gives you the chance to brighten someone else's day. Whether it's a friend, family member, or stranger, gifting them this wristband can remind them that they are not alone, that they are important, and that there are people who genuinely care.

Every Wristband purchase gives back!

I GOT U® is proud to support PeaceLove Foundation! Every I GOT U® purchase helps provide more people with creative tools to support their mental health. $1 from every wristband purchase and 20% of every apparel purchase go directly to PeaceLove Foundation.

What is the PeaceLove Foundation?

Through their CREATORS Training Program, PeaceLove Foundation provides community leaders with expressive arts workshops that help their populations safely explore their emotions, practice self-care, and talk about their mental health.
The CREATORS Network consists of over 270+ frontline professionals working across education, healthcare, corporate, community-based, justice, and recovery settings. These diverse professionals have found that by incorporating creative outlets and judgment-free spaces for expression into their work, they can build stronger relationships and more effectively support the people they serve.

Together We Can Make A Difference

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