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I GOT U® wristband movement

I GOT U® wristband movement

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I GOT U® relaunch!!!

Hi Everyone, for those that don't know me, my name is Walter and I'm the founder of I GOT U®.   I'm so excited to tell you that I GOT U® is back and, with your help, truly trying to change the world for the better. The one common.denominator that we found was simple:  everyone loves

The I GOT U® wristband...whether it being the person buying it to wear as a constant reminder of what values are important to them, OR as the recipient of an I GOT U® wristband and now having a constant reminder that you count, you belong here, you are not alone, you are appreciated, and you are important. A silicone wristband with three words that reads "I GOT U®" is so powerful and applicable. The I GOT U® message is applicable to all age groups,

every race, all genders, and as the founder of I GOT U® I love this most and have seen it's life changing power.

Therefore, today we are launching the I GOT U® Wristband Movement.  In my heart,

I believe every person on earth should have an I GOT U® wristband. This is where I ask for your ask is that you go to our website ( and purchase TWO wristbands for $4.   Yes, I'm simply asking you to spend $4.  In order for this movement to spread to millions of people across the globe to bring a message of inspiration, unity, support, and strength it had to be affordable for everyone.  Included in your $4 purchase is not only two I GOT U® wristbands, but $1 goes back to the local community to support Big Brothers, Big Sisters which I'm affiliated with and helps so many children that are often overlooked by society.  This is important to me, and I hope it's important to you too.

Let's review how awesome this I GOT U® Wristband Movement is:

  • For $4 you get TWO I GOT U® wristbands
  • One wristband as a constant reminder for you, second wristband is a gift to someone that you feel needs to hear the I GOT U® message and be reminded that they count!
  • $1 goes directly back to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Las Vega.
  • This is a win-win-win!

There's never been a time when the I GOT U® message had been needed more, so our timing is perfect, but it can't work without your help and support.  PLEASE consider supporting I GOT U® and PLEASE share this message.

My last ask is that when you receive your I GOT U® wristbands you share your personal message about what I GOT U® means to you and provide the "why" to who you are gifting the second I GOT U® wristband to.  Please tag us (@IGOTUofficial) and additionally please tag five friends and ask/challenge them to do the same - purchase two I GOT U® wristbands for $4.  By doing so, we are going to inspire millions and millions to create a world of positivity and inspire so many more.

Thank you for not only coming back to I GOT U®, but for your willingness to share this update with your family and friends too.

Sincerely thank you,


Walter,I GOT U®, Founder

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